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I have had a lot of overdraft fees.Some were I admit were not SECU fault because,I Thought monies that should have gone into my account did not as it should have.I wrote checks based on this expectation.What my complaint is that on one of many ,I had written a check,forgot to sign it.The company called me ,told me to send in certified check.I called SECU and told them about the situation,was told they do not accept unsigned checks,that I had... Read more

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Wow. What a miserable loan experience!!!! Should have been easy. Great credit score and plenty of equity. Not a fussy customer and in no hurry. Provided all info immediately upon request. I was given little to no info on the loan that would be best for me....the entire process took almost 2 months, I got no return phone calls, no copy of appraisal that I paid $350 for !!!!!! What I got was attitude, closing costs that I was never told... Read more

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I have been a SECU member for over 10 years! I was involved in an auto accident on 6/1/16, in which my car was totaled. My auto loan was through SECU (GAP Insurance included). I began receiving letters stating that I was responsible for the "GAP" amount that my automobile did not cover. When I inquired online, I received the response on 7/7/16 that my GAP claim was filed on that day. On 8/11, SECU made a $400.00 withdrawal out of my account... Read more

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When I'm pissed off about everytime I try to call SECU and get a representative a *** *** recorder covers on and then it tells me if you want to speak to a representative press at 5 you press 5 and a *** *** recorder comes on how in the *** do you get to a representative and when you press 0 for an operator the *** *** recorder tells you I'm sorry I don't recognize the number. Do they need all the recorders cause they're so *** lazy to pick up a... Read more

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I am so tired of getting a $30 nsf fee charged to my account THEN a withdraw from my savings/ODP to cover the $30 fee. AND the check/debt is returned for NSF. WTH?! I have had so many fees and charges on my account that you feel free to attach I can't even count them all! I spoke to a representative in the Owings Mills office about this very thing and he said it would be fixed. Another thing, I cannot see if an item comes in for payment when you... Read more

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I quit using SECU after problems with inaccurate deposits... The first clue was when the branch rep could not figure out how to calculate an auto loan - really? Is that not what bankers do? Anyway, I have direct deposit through the state of Maryland, and somehow my funds were deposited somewhere ( as verified by the state payroll system) but the somewhere was not MY account. After days of run around, I finally verified my account balance was... Read more

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Recently moved to Maryland and need to get a new bank. I needed five separate accounts. Joint checking with my wife business checking business savings personal checking and personal savings. I found out that we were eligible to go through SECU. We went in in person to sign up and the process took so long we were only able to get one account done before the office closed. I was asked to complete some papers and bring them back. I called several... Read more

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  • Apr 02
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Been a member for 15+ years. I do not like the new changes! No face to face tellers & everyone in the bank can hear all your business! Way to do away with jobs!

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I have been a loyal customer with SECU for several years. On Saturday 3/26/16 I visited your Owings Mills location to make a withdrawal in the amount of $1500.00. I informed the teller to deduct $334.56 from the $1500.00 to apply to my signature loan. In return she gave me $1,165.00. She could not return the .44 in change, so the .44 was applied to the principle of my loan. I also received a receipt which contained a detailed description of my... Read more

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  • Mar 08
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Secu is the worst bank you could have. On multiple occasions they have put a block on my account without any explanations and I always have to call customer service. They complete actions with no explanations.

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